Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ariela and Shadi

So you've all seen Shadi before! But this time we brought Ariela along. She is super talented by the way, and won the Concerto Competition at Interlochen this year. Anyway, this was an even colder day than all the others that I've blogged so far. It's kind of hard to avoid the cold when you go to school in northern Michigan. 

Shadi, Ariela, and I dragged a bucket full of warm water from our dorm to the woods in order to do this first shot with water dripping down Shadi's face (still one of my favorites to this day). We also used it in the shot with Ariela laying down. The warm water was a relief for them from the cold at first, but after it just made it even colder! These girls were awesome.

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